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Google Analytics Events Wordpres Plugin

Wordpress plugin that sets basic google analytics events for webpage

== Donate ==


Paypal Wp Plugin Support


BCH: qr3ed287kxc9ncukadceanfkqtshaqvg0g68j57pjz

ETH: 0xc9681216a25Ac99500482Bd419b4644882a31471

== Todo log ==

0.9.8 Give someone to test, get feedback - setup - changing settings - debugging mode - debugging mode by ip

0.9.9 Bug fixing

... 0.9.x(-6) Color codes show on front.

0.9.x(-5) Help text on front.

0.9.x(-4) Plugin related settigns disable if plugin not detected (?)

0.9.x(-3) Additional debug levels, less noizy and possible to block going to garget could be front end switch. On / Off.

0.9.x(-2) Translations po/mo files

0.9.x(-1) Donate links

0.9.x Proof reeding, fixing the pigeon English

1.0.0 Publishing, drinking beer

1.0.1 Rewrite the js code as the object

1.0.2 Rewrite code that it would not rely on jQuery

1.0.3 New features

1.0.4 Issue with outgoing links thats are without http(s):// for examle href="www.google.lv"

1.0.5 Comma seperated field redo

1.0.6 Custom link tracking, allow to add titles for links to use in event.

1.0.7 Histry retracking, sometimes usefull for contact forms to see from what section user arrived, to see if some section generates more leads.

1.0.8 Write help/about how to check what code is in page, maybe write test script, that tries to figure out

1.0.9 Posibility switch off/on tracking from frontend?

== Known issues (that are worth mention)==

  1. Form submission tracking, there is possible to pass without triggering Form used event. Field change is trigered only after lost focus, to that field. Have to think about better implementation.

== Changelog ==

0.9.7 Check todos in the code

  • some todos resolved some moved to todo/feature list of readme
  • color debug panel added to switch on of the colors
  • some js fixes, in event tracker

0.9.6 Fill the missing code parts

  • implemented tracking of froms subimtions, for field use, gravity forms success, mailchim success
  • removed some noise from debug
  • added console log outputs also
  • some styling done
  • most traackers tested

0.9.5 Debug settings implementation frontend

  • css that shows the elements that will trigger ga event
  • css that will show that user is in debug mode

0.9.4 Debug settings implementation backed

  • Include js according to debug settings
  • Include inline google analytics according to debug settings
  • Debug code settings by ip

0.9.3 - Usable, but some parts not implemented yet, but a lot of work have been done

  • Plugin settings done.
  • Error messages, warning messages of plugin implemented
  • Some settings page styling done
  • Can add google analytics code or google tag manager code via plugin
  • Combines all js parts into one file, that is included in footer
  • So will track some events already
  • Generates also stand-alone script that can be used without the plugin. For use in different sites than wordpress.
  • File naming fixes

0.9.2 - Spitting up the google analytics code.
The plugin was based on google analytics javascript code that i was working on in collaboration with SEO Specialist Mārtiņš Groza (https://lv.linkedin.com/in/martins-groza-a104a690) when we both were employees of Digitalscore (http://www.digitalscore.lv/)
So at starting point the common parts of that script, that can be used in any project, was split into several sections, that could be switched on or off.

0.9.1 - Setup, Initial version
Based upon one plugin template, that is a bit outdated, and almost nothing have left of, but still want to give credit to the author of that plugin template 1manfactory.com (1manfactory.com/donate)