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Another blog system writen by Flask and Redis. Not Mysql or Mongodb. I develop it for wordpress lower speed and i want to focus on writting blog and sometime i can try difference template, and add some widgets.

Mdpress can fullfill my requirements, and it's blog editor base on



  • Fast Load Speed
  • Beauty Display And Theme Support
  • Code highlight
  • Images Links Manager
  • Strong Diretory(Category Levels) Support
  • Super good search support


  1. Create Virtual Enviroment
virtualenv mdpenv
source mdpenv/bin/activator
  1. Install Dependences(Ubuntu)
sh -x utils/
git clone
cd pyjade & python install
  1. Config Development Configuration
vim config/
vim config/

make sure your redis config is right and redis-server is running:

    'HOST': 'localhost',
    'PORT': 6379,
    'DB': 10
  1. Running Server

Now, it is time to run server:

python manager runserver

and access it by browser with url:


you will see the index page as show below...


Python == 2.7
Reids >= 3.0.0

and some python lib dependences can be installed by pip.

###About Me

Want to know more about author, visit my personal blog :

###Screen Shoot Index Archive

Admin Login 1.pi Admin Main 2.pi Post List 3.pi Post Editing 4.pic_hd Tags List 5.pi

###Updated History

  • v0.1

    • 2015-02-18 14:38:03

    create project, and implement base feature

  • v0.2

    • 2015-02-21 11:57:03

    add save and view post feature

  • v0.3

    • 2016-06-04 13:03:31

    refactor whole project structure

  • v0.4

    • 2016-7-28 22:34:36

    add redis models support add theme and jade template support

  • v0.1.prerelease

    • 2017-02-18 00:39:15

    fix runing bugs fix dependence error