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You can find the magma guide here:

Or as an Onion service here: http://magma.ua4vjlx72wv5crhkificaeysp62hizhazipfshsdvs6jxqvhtkpllcad.onion/

This open-licensed, collaborative repository provides the first publicly available research framework for people working to measure information controls and online surveillance activities. In it, users can find the resources they need to perform their research more effectively and efficiently.

The guide begins with a general overview of the basics of Internet censorship research "Getting started". It then walks users through a series of relevant methodologies, measurements, and analyses. After reviewing the guide, individuals will be able to create their own research plans and make better informed choices regarding the tools and procedures required to perform their work in an ethical and secure manner.

The content of the guide represents industry best practices, developed in consultation with networking researchers, activists, and technologists. And it's evergreen, too--constantly updated with new content, resources, and tutorials. The host website is regularly updated and synced to a version control repository (Git) that can be used by members of the network measurements community to review, translate, and revise content of the guide.

Better Research

Conducting research and measurements on Internet censorship is difficult. The magma guide allows users to perform these activities more efficiently and effectively by using and building on industry best practices.

Open Collaborative Structure

Internet censorship techniques are constantly evolving. The magma guide's open collaborative structure allows users to distribute, modify, contribute, and review content - ensuring the guide stays as up-to-date as possible.

Suitable for All Users

Obtaining accurate information on Internet censorship is essential for many different types of users. The magma guide's multi-layered set-up provides easy access for research fellows, journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, network engineers, and technologists.


Questions? Think you might be interested in contributing to the magma guide? Please see:

All content of the magma guide (unless otherwise mentioned) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the magma guide a reality.


Open methodologies on measuring, documenting and conducting research on information controls, Internet censorship, and online surveillance.








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