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A nodejs client for the etcd v2 API
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Another (!!) etcd library for nodejs. This is formerly based on etcd-node, but has since evolved to a full-fledged new library with etcd v2 support.



This is not stable at the moment. Development will follow closely the development of etcd and changes in its API. minor-version changes will be kept in sync.


$ npm install nodejs-etcd


The client only need to be configured very simply by providing the base url of the etcd service.

var etcd = require('nodejs-etcd');

var e = new etcd({
    url: ''


Nodejs-etcd supports the full v2 api specification.

.read(options, [callback])

Reads from etcd. All paths you may want to read start with '/' as the etcd hierarchy strictly mimics the one of a filesystem{'key': '/hello'}, function (err, result, body) {
  if (err) throw err;

All etcd flags are supported here as well; the valid options are:

  • recursive (boolean) it set to true, fetches all subdirectories
  • wait (boolean) if set to true, the request will wait until the value changes.
  • wait_index (integer) if set toghether with wait, will wait to return until the marked index is reached

.generator(err_cb, resp_cb)

The callback can be encapsulated using this method. It will return a valid callback for the other methods that will:

  • Manage HTTP response codes
  • Populate a standard EtcdResult object (see result.js)
  • Apply resp_cb to this result.

Let's say we just want to output the value of the key:

cb = e.generator(
    function () { console.log('An error has occurred')},
    function (result) { console.log('We found the key, it has value ' + result.value)}
    {key: '/hello'},

By default, if no callback is declared nodejs-etcd will log some important values of the response to the console.

.write(options, [callback])

Writes a key or dir to the cluster. Simplest form:

    key: 'hello',
    value: 'world',
    }, function (err,resp, body) {
  if (err) throw err;

All etcd flags to a write operation are supported and must be added to the options object.

Accepted options:

  • ttl (integer) sets a TTL on the key
  • dir (boolean) will write a directory. dont pass a value if this is true.
  • prev_exists (boolean) key gets written only if it is being created.
  • prev_index (integer) sets the key only if the actual index is exactly this one.
  • prev_value (string) sets the key only if the actual value is this one.

.del(options, [callback])

Deletes a key from etcd. If the recursive option is set to true, it will allow to remove directories.

e.del('hello', function (err) {
  if (err) throw err;


etcd.machines(function (err, list) {
  if (err) throw err;


etcd.leader(function (err, host) {
  if (err) throw err;



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