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@lavajumper lavajumper released this Apr 8, 2019 · 2 commits to sexcoin-auxpow since this release

Sexcoin Android Wallet

Compliant with Sexcoin V 0.15.2

This version does a 'side-by-side' installation with the old sexcoin. Make a backup of your old wallet before installing this version.

Android Upgrade Instructions:

This wallet version performs a 'side-by-side' installation instead of installing overtop of the old version, which means when you install for an upgrade, you will have two Sexcoin wallet apps. In your Settings|Apps,
the old one will be listed as 'Sexcoin' and the new one will be listed as 'Sexcoin Wallet'. This provides an extra layer of safety during upgrade, and also helps keep more separation from other wallets apps that are based on Bitcoin Wallet.

Method 1:

  • Backup your keys.
  • Install new Android Sexcoin Wallet.
  • Get an address from new wallet.
  • Backup your new wallet.
  • Import old keys and resync.
  • Send all funds from old wallet to new wallet.
  • Wait for two confirmations.
  • Restore your new wallet.
  • Create a new backup.
  • Delete the old Android wallet.

Method 2:

  • Backup your keys.
  • Install new Android.
  • Import the key backup.
  • Let the blockchain sync.
  • Delete the old Android wallet.

The new Android wallet uses an HD schema to generate wallet addresses. If you import the old keys into the new wallet, they are incompatible with the HD schema. They will import, but you will lose the benefits that come with HD.

Also be aware, when importing old keys, the blockchain must sync from the time of the earliest transaction in the wallet. I have an old kitkat tablet that had transactions from 2016, and resyncing took nearly two days. It is
admittedly a very slow device, but realize that the sexcoin blockchain generates 1440 blocks per day. This is a
LOT of blocks to chew through, even using SPV format. If you are syncing using a data plan with bandwidth caps, this can become an issue (we suggest using wi-fi).

Another option that one of our beta users took advantage of was to use openssl to decrypt the backup file and import the private keys to a regular PC client. You could then create a new HD Android wallet and send the coins from your PC to load it.

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