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import webbrowser
from dropbox.session import DropboxSession
from dropbox.client import DropboxClient
from settings import *
from message import Message
from pyjson import PyJson
class Dropbox:
"""Methods for interacting with the Dropbox API"""
# Access is only needed to one folder in the user's Dropbox
ACCESS_TYPE = 'app_folder'
def __init__(self, in_user_mode=True):
"""Connect to the Dropbox servers so that files can be uploaded"""
self.m = Message(in_user_mode=in_user_mode)
session = DropboxSession(API_KEY, API_SECRET, self.ACCESS_TYPE)
token_file = PyJson(TOKEN_PATH)
token = token_file.doc
# If there is a token saved, that can be used to connect with Dropbox
if 'key' in token and 'secret' in token:
# Read the token and authenticate the session with it
session.set_token(token['key'], token['secret'])
# Otherwise it is necessary to authenticate for the first time
# Request an access token
request_token = session.obtain_request_token()
url = session.build_authorize_url(request_token)
# Open the authentication page in the user's browser and wait for them to accept, new=2)
print "Press enter once you have authorised the app in your browser"
# Get a new access token from the authenticated session
# This will fail if the user didn't visit the above URL and press 'Allow'
access_token = session.obtain_access_token(request_token)
except Exception as error:
print error
print "You didn't authorise the app, or something else went wrong"
# Save the access token to a file so that authentication is not needed next time the app is run
token_file.add('key', access_token.key)
token_file.add('secret', access_token.secret)
# Create a Dropbox client from the session
client = DropboxClient(session)
self.client = client
def upload(self, path, filepath=None):
Upload a file to the Dropbox servers
path - The path to the local copy of the file to be uploaded
filepath - The path, including the filename given to the remote copy of the file
once it is uploaded to Dropbox. If omitted it defaults to be the same as path
if self.client is None:
print 'Please authenticate with Dropbox before trying to upload.'
if filepath is None:
filepath = path
filepath = '/' + filepath
# Open the file located at path and upload it to the Dropbox servers
response = self.client.put_file(filepath, open(path, 'rb'))
self.m.message('Upload finished')
except Exception as error:
self.m.message('Upload failed', 2)
self.m.message(error, 2)
def upload_folder(self, folder):
Upload a folder to the Dropbox servers
folder - A string representing the path to the folder to be uploaded
# Create a folder in the user's Dropbox with the same name as the local folder
# Recursively iterate through the contents of the folder
for dirname, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(folder):
# Create subfolders on Dropbox for each local subfolder
for subdirname in dirnames:
f = dirname + '/' + subdirname
# Upload each local file
for filename in filenames:
self.upload(dirname + '/' + filename, filepath=self.final_folder_name + '/' + filename)
def get_link(self, filename):
Get the URL of the Dropbox-hosted copy of a file or folder
filename - The path to the file or folder within the user's Dropbox
Returns the URL as a string in the format
return self.client.share(filename)['url']
def create_folder(self, folder_name, num=1):
Create a folder in the user's Dropbox
folder_name - The name of the folder to create
num - The number to append to the folder name if a folder with the specified name already exists
new_folder_name = folder_name
if num > 1:
new_folder_name += '_(%s)' % num
# Try to create a folder with the given name
self.client.file_create_folder('/' + new_folder_name)
if num > 1:
print 'Warning: a folder with that name already exists. Renaming to ' + new_folder_name
self.final_folder_name = new_folder_name
except ErrorResponse as e:
if e.status == 403:
# It failed because a folder with that name already exists
# Increment a number to be appended to the folder name
# then call the function recursively until it works
num += 1
self.create_folder(folder_name, num=num)