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from settings import HISTORY_PATH
from time import time
from datetime import date
from pyjson import PyJson
from gridformat import format_grid
class History:
Defines methods for interacting with the file that stores
a history of the files that the user has uploaded to the service
def __init__(self):
self.history_file = PyJson(HISTORY_PATH, base={'history': []})
self.history = self.history_file.doc['history']
def display(self, limit, sort_by, direction, start):
Load the history and print out a number of records to the screen.
- limit: the number of items to show
- direction: the order to sort the files in to, (ascending or descending)
- sort_by: the value to sort by (id, path, url or date)
- start: the record number to start at
if len(self.history) < 1:
print 'No records to display'
history = sorted(self.history, key=lambda k: k[sort_by], reverse=direction == 'd')
grid = [['Id', 'URL', 'Local File', 'Date Created']]
# iterate through the array of records, parse them and create a new 2d array of the formatted values
for record in history[start - 1:]:
if limit == 0:
id_ = str(record['id'])
url = record['url']
path = record['path']
date_ = date.fromtimestamp(record['timestamp']).strftime('%d/%m/%Y')
row = [id_, url, path, date_]
limit -= 1
print format_grid(grid, divider_positions=[1], truncatable_column=2)
def add(self, path, filename, url):
Write a new record to the history
- path: the path to the local copy of the file that was uploaded
- url: the shortened URl that points to the copy of the file hosted on the users dropbox acount
id_ = 1 if len(self.history) == 0 else self.history[-1]['id'] + 1
record = {
'id': id_,
'path': path,
'filename': filename,
'url': url,
'timestamp': time()