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Two-step sharing for every kind of data
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ClipCloud is a program for quickly sharing files. Currently it consists of a command line program written in Python that can upload files to Dropbox.

A GUI is planned, as well as the ability to upload elsewhere, such as a personal server via SSH.

It has only been primarily tested on Windows but most functionality also works on OS X. Dropbox and OAuth are bundled with it, but you'll need to install simplejson separately and also wxPython if you want to take screenshots.


  • up </path/to/file/or/folder> [second file, third file...]: Upload the specified files and folders.
  • snap [-m mode]: Take a screenshot and upload it. Mode can be draw or screen. Defaults to screen.
  • history [-l number_of_records] [-t sort_by] [-b start] [-d direction]: Show a history of the files you've uploaded previously. Defaults to the last 10 records.
  • revisit <operation> <id>: Do something with a previously uploaded file. id specifies which file to upload. operation can be either upload, remote or local.
  • text [-e extension]: Share the contents of your clipboard. Currently uploads to Dropbox, support for Github Gists planned. Extenstion defaults to txt.


  • -s --share: Specify what to do with the link to the uploaded file. Current options are sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, setting the clipboard or writing to stdout so you can pipe the url to other programs. Defaults to clipboard.
  • -h --help: Display the help message


  • Package as a .exe for distribution to users without Python
  • Add text snippet sharing to Github Gists?
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