Upload your location from your iOS device to your server. Could be used for making maps of where you've been, for example.
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#Setup Instructions:

  1. Set up server
    1. Make a MySQL database on your server with a table called "locations".
    2. Give it three fields: "timestamp", "latitude" and "longditude", all of the type DOUBLE.
    3. Edit PHP scripras so they have the details of your database.
    4. Upload to your server. I would reccomend you password protect the direcory so only you can see the location data.
  2. Edit the app
    1. In Utilities.m, edit it so the URL correct for your server, and add the username and password if you are password-protecting with htaccess
  3. Sort out the database
    The goal is to get it reading the actual database, but to test, a copy in the apps directory is used.
    So either:
  4. Edit Locations.m so that it is reading from the actual file - the line is commented out.
  5. Build to your jailbroken iPhone.
  6. Copy /User/Applications/UNIQUE_ID/heatmap.app to /Applications run from there - it hasn't worked for me yet.
  7. Use UICache to refresh springboard so it shows.
  8. Test and improve! it hasn't worked for me yet.

or test it:

  1. Get consolidated.db from your jailbroken iPhone. It is stored in /var/root/Library/Caches/locationd/consolidated.db.
  2. Import the file to the project root in Xcode.
  3. Build to your iPhone.