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Laverca is an open-source Java API for requesting signatures using mobile signature services.

Mobile signature service (MSS) allows users to sign messages securely using mobile devices. For instance, Laverca API can be used for document signing or strong user authentication in a login system.

Laverca implements the ETSI TS 102 204 SOAP interface for application providers (APs). It means that Laverca can communicate with ETSI 204 conforming MSS systems. Laverca supports synchronous and asynchronous signature requests. Status of an asynchronous signature request can be polled.

In addition to the ETSI features, Laverca includes the FiCom 2.0 features specified in Finland.


Laverca API

Java 8
    Oracle Java 8 SE SDK
    OpenJDK 8


Laverca requires the libraries found under libs directory in the release root.
All of them should be possible to update to newer versions of the same major
release number, except for the axis-1.4.patched.jar  which must be this version.

Source branch "preJAXB" is possible to use on Java6.
It is our old version.


Building the examples requires the following tools:

Ant (Tested with v1.8.1, and v1.9.6)

Download Ant

Ant manual


Laverca ships with a couple of example implementations. The examples are included 
in the examples directory.


Compiled examples are shipped for your convenience. Build and distribute the 
examples jar over the shipped one yourself by running the following command:

$ ant dist


Run the examples by using the scripts in the examples/script directory:

$ sh examples/bin/


Example configuration file is located in examples/conf/.

By default the examples are configured to use a demo MSSP server which is 
hosted by Methics Ltd. Find additional information about the demo service


1. Synchronous and asynchronous client-server communication.
2. Strong mutual identification and encryption between all message routing entities.
     (JvmSsl, MssClient.setSSLSocketFactory(..))
3. Strong mutual identification and encryption between AP and AE including a password (AP_PWD).
     (JvmSsl, MssClient.setSSLSocketFactory(..))
4. Supported message formats are: MSS_SignatureReq, MSS_SignatureResp, MSS_StatusReq, MSS_StatusResp, MSS_ReceiptReq and MSS_ReceiptResp.
     (FiComClient, EtsiClient)
5. Supported character maps in service requests are UTF-8, GSM and UCS2.
6. Supported character maps in client device are GSM 03.38 and UCS2.
7. Provides all 6 different signature provides defined in FiCom 2.0.
     (FiComClient, FiComSignatureProfiles)
8. The signature profiles are used for choosing a specified service.
     (FiComClient, FiComSignatureProfiles)
9. The user can deny usage of any signature profile on the client device.
10. Supports all of the FiCom 2.0 additional services.
11. The format of the digital signature is base64-encoding and PKCS#7 or PKCS#1 with the users certificate.

Copyright and License

See the LICENSE file