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Documentation - Fibers 0.6.x not working properly on Raspbian 7 "wheezy" #154

nicStuff opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi guys, recently we moved our nodejs app (which uses fibers through to a Raspbian 7 of 7-jan-2014 wheezy ( on Raspberry PI.

We've found that fibers 0.6.x does not work properly with EJS rendering engine on that SO, while fibers 1.0.x does.

We think it could be a cool thing to document this.

P.S.: you can look at the exhaustive stack-raspberry question/answer we've made the answer contains a viable example of the problem.


Why wouldn't you just upgrade to begin with? If the bug is already fixed I'm not sure what I can do with this bug report lmao

@laverdet laverdet closed this

That's what I've done, although it could not be so straightforward to update fibers since often you don't directly use it, so for getting an updated version you have to update the library that use it, hoping that things don't get broken.

Anyway, the bug report was intended for eventually just adding documentation to node v0.6, that's all.

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