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Combine first run() with Fiber creation #59

laverdet opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Right now a significant part of the runtime cost of fibers is entering the v8 C++ API; switching between JS and C++ is fairly expensive. The way node-fibers is built, creating a fiber enters C++ which is not necessary. We could restructure the code so that you don't enter C++ until the first time run() is called. Since it seems most uses of fibers create a fiber, immediately run them, and then destroy them, this should be a net gain. Unfortunately it may require rewriting a large portions of fibers in JS.


This sounds great from the asyncblock perspective.

We create a new fiber in every async method (to support running it in parallel with the fiber currently in context), so work that can be done to speed up fiber creation / init will increase performance.

I'm wondering if there's also a chance that this will help with fiber performance while debugging :).


So I tried it and it's slower somehow. I tried everything I could think of and couldn't make it any faster. Seems v8 has moved far enough along to where the C++/JS membrane isn't really substantial.

Here's the diff if you're interested:

It exposes a new Fiber.newAndRun() method. First argument is the function to run, and the second argument is the argument to pass to the fiber. It returns an array which is [fiber, returnValue]. On my system it's just a little bit slower. If you can find a case where it's faster I'll add it.


Although d4c0b81 makes it a tiny bit faster, but nothing significant.

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