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Projects using node-fibers

As mentioned in the primary documentation, using the Fiber class directly is generally not recommended. Instead it's recommended that you use some kind of abstraction which uses Fiber internally to create a more flexible or safe interface for your project. Included with node-fibers is the Future class (documented @, however by no means should Future be considered the only option. Listed below are known projects which use node-fibers:

0ctave/node-sync node-sync is a simple library that allows you to call any asynchronous function in synchronous way. The main benefit is that it uses javascript-native design - Function.prototype.sync function, instead of heavy APIs which you'll need to learn. Also, asynchronous function which was called synchronously through node-sync doesn't blocks the whole process - it blocks only current thread!

olegp/common-node implements a number of CommonJS proposals on top of Node.js using node-fibers. Fibers are used to emulate multi-threading within a single process, allowing one to use a synchronous programming style.

lm1/node-fibers-promise fibers-promise is a small yet powerful library based on fibers. A promise is just a value container with build-in synchronisation mechanism. Promises allow you to get rid of callbacks clutter.

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