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Robust and scalable Jabber / XMPP Instant Messaging platform

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This fork (lavrin/ejabberd) aims at two targets:

  • refactoring ejabberd code in order to avoid code duplication between same modules using different backends (e.g. mod_offline vs. mod_offline_odbc),
  • experimentally plucking in riak in place of the current database backends.

The base chosen for these enhancements is ejabberd v.2.1.8, i.e. the latest (as of writing this) tagged version from branch 2.x.

The vanilla ejabberd v.2.1.8 readme file is available as README.old.

The layout of this repository was changed from the vanilla ejabberd to rebar and OTP compliant. It was done by merging with branch ejd_otp_clean of fork at This change was made to simplify (for me, of course ;) building and deploying in testing environment. However, the changes made to support Riak should be fairly easily portable to vanilla ejabberd.

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