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Q: I have compile/link problems.
A: Some common installation problems are described in the INSTALL file.
If your case is not covered, please send a problem report.
Q: How can I see the greeting message from the server?
A: Try `debug 3'. It is disabled by default to keep the screen clear in case
of several simultaneous connections.
Q: Why doesn't lftp download files like this: `lftp ftp://host/path/file'?
A: It expects an URL of a directory. To download a file use `lftpget URL'.
Q: What is the %2F in ftp URL's?
A: RFC1738 specifies that clients handling ftp URL's should interpret them
as HOME relative by default. %2F stands for leading slash pointing to
the root directory.
Q: Why do the secure protocols https and ftps give the "PRNG not seeded" error
A: Your system probably lacks a /dev/random-like device. Create a ~/.rnd file
containing random characters and SSL will work. See also the OpenSSL FAQ
about this.
Q: Why does lftp say that locking fails all the time? (on linux)
A: You have compiled lftp with large file support (>2G) but your kernel
does not support 64-bit file-locking. Either install a better kernel
(e.g. linux-2.4.x) or compile lftp without large file support
(configure --disable-largefile)
Q: Where is lls?
A: !ls
Q: Why doesn't `mirror' download files starting with a dot? I can see the files
using `ls -a'.
A: Try `set ftp:list-options -a'.
Q: ^Z doesn't work in Cygwin.
A: Use "SET CYGWIN=TTY". This must be done before starting a shell, if any.
Q: lftp consumes 100% CPU on MacOS X Tiger just waiting at the command prompt.
A: See for
a workaround for MacOS X bug.
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