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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:46:30 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Debug Levels
From: Robert de Bath <>
Level 0
Errors and states that cause a significant change in program flow.
=> Anything that causes a Discon+Retry or a "giveup" message.
Level 1
Important or inaccessible state information.
=> Connection start, Idle disconnection.
Level 2
Rare things that cause a minor program flow adjustment.
=> No REST, No PASV, etc.
Level 3
Errors and useful messages that are slightly too verbose or common
for 0-2 or don't quite fit in the classifications.
=> Login banner
Level 4
All remote responses or major results. (Trace results)
=> All "999 Xyzzy" responses received.
Level 5
All remote commands or major tasks. (Trace jobs)
=> All commands sent to server.
Level 6
General information that will not be too verbose but is normally a
little less important. (Trace state)
Level 7
Similar to level 3 but verbose or not as useful.
Level 8
Very verbose information that'll probably be useful sometime.
Level 9
Anything and everything else, debugs that probably won't be useful
ever again. (unclassified)
If the programmer doesn't set the debug level this is not an important
debug message or is only important right now.
=> default debug level == 9
If something fits in one of the lower levels but is very verbose
it should nevertheless be moved upto level 3 or levels 7-9.
(Possibly leaving a single line 'oops' at the lower level)
The general idea is that debug levels 0-3 should not scroll too fast
to read and nothing below level 7 should be much more verbose than
levels 4 or 5.
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