A web application hello world example using Speedment and Vaadin
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A minimalistic demo of Speedment and Vaadin


To run the demo, perform the following steps.

  • Create a MySQL database with name hares with the following table and some test data:

     CREATE TABLE `hare` (
       `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
       `name` varchar(45) NOT NULL,
       `color` varchar(45) NOT NULL,
       `age` int(11) NOT NULL,
       PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
     INSERT INTO hare (name, color, age) VALUES ("Hansel", "Gray", 3);
     INSERT INTO hare (name, color, age) VALUES ("Henrietta", "White", 2);
     INSERT INTO hare (name, color, age) VALUES ("Henry", "Black", 9);
     INSERT INTO hare (name, color, age) VALUES ("Harry", "Gray", 400);
  • With MySQL running, start the Speedment code generator tool

     mvn speedment:tool
  • Enter database credentials in the UI, fill in the schema hares

  • Generate code by clicking the "Generate" button without changing any defaults

  • Exit the Speedment Tool

  • Build and the application

    mvn -Djdbc.password=<pwd> -Djdbc.username=<user> compile exec:java
  • Point a browser to the Vaadin UI http://localhost:8080

  • Add data to the hares MySQL table and return to the browser to see all data updated.