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A Google Refine reconcillation servce for the api provided by
the JournalTOCs project.
See API documentation:
An example reconciliation service API for Google Refine 2.0.
from flask import Flask
from flask import request
from flask import jsonify
import json
from operator import itemgetter
import urllib
import feedparser
#For scoring results
from fuzzywuzzy import fuzz
app = Flask(__name__)
# Basic service metadata. There are a number of other documented options
# but this is all we need for a simple service.
metadata = {
"name": "JournalTOC Reconciliation Service",
"defaultTypes": [{"id": "", "name": "bibo:Periodical"}],
api_base_url = '{0}?output=journals&user={1}'
def jsonpify(obj):
Helper to support JSONP
callback = request.args['callback']
response = app.make_response("%s(%s)" % (callback, json.dumps(obj)))
response.mimetype = "text/javascript"
return response
except KeyError:
return jsonify(obj)
def search(raw_query):
Hit the JournalTOC api for journal names.
out = []
query = urllib.quote(raw_query)
except Exception:
return []
api_url = api_base_url.format(query, TOC_USER)
print api_url
api_results = feedparser.parse(api_url)
for position, item in enumerate(api_results['entries']):
#Check for no results
#ToDo - improve this.
if position == 0:
if item.get('summary_detail', {}).get('value').lower().startswith('0 hits'):
return out
title = item.get('title', 'No title found')
issn = item.get('prism_issn')
#Skip results without an ISSN for now.
if issn is None:
#Give the resource a crossref dummy issn uri for now.
pid = '' + issn
if title.lower() == raw_query.lower():
match = True
match = False
#Construct a score using FuzzyWuzzy's token set ratio.
score = fuzz.token_sort_ratio(raw_query, title)
"id": pid,
"name": title,
"score": score,
"match": match,
"type": [
"id": "",
"name": "bibo:Periodical",
#Sort this list by score
sorted_out = sorted(out, key=itemgetter('score'), reverse=True)
return sorted_out
@app.route("/reconcile", methods=['POST', 'GET'])
def reconcile():
#Look first for form-param requests.
query = request.form.get('query')
if query is None:
#Then normal get param.s
query = request.args.get('query')
if query:
# If the 'query' param starts with a "{" then it is a JSON object
# with the search string as the 'query' member. Otherwise,
# the 'query' param is the search string itself.
if query.startswith("{"):
query = json.loads(query)['query']
results = search(query)
return jsonpify({"result": results})
# If a 'queries' parameter is supplied then it is a dictionary
# of (key, query) pairs representing a batch of queries. We
# should return a dictionary of (key, results) pairs.
queries = request.form.get('queries')
if queries:
queries = json.loads(queries)
results = {}
for (key, query) in queries.items():
results[key] = {"result": search(query['query'])}
return jsonpify(results)
# If neither a 'query' nor 'queries' parameter is supplied then
# we should return the service metadata.
return jsonpify(metadata)
if __name__ == '__main__':
from optparse import OptionParser
oparser = OptionParser()
oparser.add_option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true', default=False)
oparser.add_option('-u', '--user', dest='api_user', default=False)
opts, args = oparser.parse_args()
if opts.api_user is False:
raise Exception("No API user provided.\
Pass as --user.\
Typically an email address.")
TOC_USER = opts.api_user
app.debug = opts.debug'')
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