App for 3D painting / texturing of models
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Freeware app for 3D painting / texturing of models Windows and Linux

Major update (0.20) features a more physically based workflow with normal mapping, specular and metallic channels. However it does require OpenGL 3.0. If your PC does not support this, version 0.19 may still work and allow diffuse painting.

See video in action:

Alpha version - Download the latest .zip file, unzip and run. No installation necessary. :) Zip file is ~2 megs.

Please report bugs, issues and feature requests on github, in the 'issues' tab

All versions up to 0.24 are windows, 0.24 onwards is linux. If there is interest I will make windows builds of later versions.

Thank you :)

System Requirements

  • OpenGL 3.0
  • SSSE 3 support
  • 512 megs RAM (4GB recommended for 4096x4096 texture sizes)