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CodeIgniter Internationalization and localization library. This library help you detect user's browser language and show corresponding language message to user
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CodeIgniter i18N Library

This library makes it easier to implement CodeIgniter i18n function.

How to use it?

Drop the contents of the download zip into your application directory. add $this -> load -> library('i18n'); at Controller's __construct() or add i18n in application/config/autoload.php $autoload['libraries'] = array('i18n');

Turn on auto select language function

Edit application/config/config.php

set enable_hooks to TRUE

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

Prevent execute auto select language function in some Controller

Add below code in __construct()

$this -> i18n -> prevent_auto();

Example code

Please see /application/controllers/i18nauto.php and /application/controllers/i18nmanual.php

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