Simple converter that converts Wordpress xml format to json with optional Rst for HTML content
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Wordpress to Rst convertor

Converts Wordpress blog posts in wordpress xml format to Restructured Text.


Run on commandline. Use -h option to view command line options

-h, --help            show this help message and exit  
-f FILE, --file=FILE  Wordpress export xml file  
-o OUTFILE, --outfile=OUTFILE Filename to save output to (JSON)  
-c, --convert         perform conversion to RestructedText  
-s, --split-output    Split data into separate files eg -categories.json, -tags.json, -posts.json  
-d, --dry-run         Performs a dry run, will not save any output  


The following example will convert a wordpress xml file to json and save it in json format in a file called myblog.json

python -f myblog.xml -o myblog.json

This will convert to json and save split out the categories, tags and posts into separate files.

python -f myblog.xml -o myblog.json -s

The following will split and convert to json with any html fields converted to Rst format.

python -f myblog.xml -o myblog.json -c	-s


The Rst conversion is done via pandoc, so this will need to be installed if conversion to Rst is required.