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YUIDoc Doc parser

Updated yuidoc parser, written in js -- early work in progress


Clone this repo, then:

cd yuidocjs
npm install .

yuidoc /path/to/yui3/src/
yuidoc /path/to/yui2/src/
yuidoc ./test/

This will produce a data structure in out/data.json by default.


Dav's Thoughts:

Out dir formatting

Setting up the directory structure like this will help us build a nice templating system on top of this data. It will give us the ability to include just part of the structure. It will also help up when building the new YUILibrary.com site and importing all this data into MongoDB.

./out needs to look like this instead: ./out/ data.json //Rollup of all metadata module1/ data.json //metadata for only this module module2/ data.json

AM - sounds good -- had in mind a schema system to define different parser outputs, but that might be overkill.

Parse only what we need to parse.

Keep a state file somewhere that shows the last time this doc tree was parsed This way, we can do a stat on the file to see if it's mtime is greater than the last parse time and only parse it if it is. This will allow us, in the future, to not reparse files that have not changed. It should speed up the parse process for a large file set.

AM - the parse process is super fast. We may want to do this when rendering the templates.

Module Structure

I moved docparser into a module of it's own. The YUIDoc module should also be a standalone module. We should make cli.js instantiate that class and run it. We also need to add a way to export these modules so they can be required in a script and coded against.

AM - Yep