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Clipper pipeline status coverage report

Clipper is a lightweight clipboard tool that help you record the clipboard history. There are so much tools to manage the clipboard in MacOS but few in Windows. And I found nothing I can install on my company because of IT security reason. Then I decide to create one.

It's build on Java and HTML. I believe running a Java project and open a html in Browser is much easier and has lower risk than downloading and running an .exe.


  • Java 8
  • Chrome > 61
  • External Internet Access (Will remove this requirement in the coming development)

User Manual

Run java -jar clipper.jar in console, then open http://localhost in browser.

IT Introduction

It's worth to introduce some details in IT aspect. When you launch Clipper, you will launch a service who scan you system clipboard continuously. Further, Clipper will start a localhost-restricted HTTP server to serve the web UI.

The interaction between backend service and UI is base on HTTP.