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An interactive CLI for browsing azure resources, inspired by

Go Report Card Go Doc Release release


This is a pet project which has matured thanks to support from awesome contributions.


Warning: Please familiarize yourself with the code and the how-to's before using it in a production environment.

Cool what else can it do?

Lots check out the guided tour here.

  • Edit/Update resource
  • Multi-resource delete
  • Actions on resources such as restart and list-keys
  • ASCII Graphs for resource metrics
  • Interactive command panel for filtering and more
  • Build custom views from Azure Resource Graph Queries

For advanced config review the settings page here. For command line arguments and docs see this page.


Take a look at the guide here for a guide on the design of azbrowse and then a look here for how to get started on deving


Pre-req: Ensure you have the az command from Azure CLI setup on your machine and are logged-in otherwise azbrowse won't work!

Mac/OSX via Homebrew

Install HomeBrew

brew install lawrencegripper/tap/azbrowse
Windows via Scoop

Install Scoop

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

Install AzBrowse using Scoop

scoop bucket add azbrowse
scoop install azbrowse
Run via Docker

You can then start azbrowse in docker by mounting in your $HOME directory so azbrowse can access the login details from your machine inside the docker container.

docker run -it --rm -v $HOME:/root/ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
Linux via Snap Store

Get it from the Snap Store

Linux via Releases tar.gz

Grab the URL to the .tar.gz for the latest release for your platform/architecture. E.g.

Download the release (either via the browser or wget

Extract the binary from the archive to a suitable location (here we're using /usr/bin for convenience): tar -C /usr/bin -zxvf azbrowse_linux_amd64.tar.gz azbrowse

Note: If you have a location on $PATH which is writable by the current user like /home/USERNAMEHERE/go/bin it's best to use this as it'll allow azbrowse to update itself in place without requiring sudo

Make the binary executable: chmod +x /usr/bin/azbrowse

Install via azure-cli extention

This is experimental and Non-functional on Windows. Only tested on Unix based systems.

Want to run az browse and have the azure-cli install and run azbrowse?

This extension from Noel Bundick lets you do just that


Simply download the archive/package suitable for your machine, from the release page, and execute it.

Bonus: Add it to your $PATH so you can run azbrowse anywhere.

Shell completion

Azbrowse can generate shell completions for a number of different shells using the azbrowse completion command.

For example, azbrowse -s thing<TAB>azbrowse -s thingSubscription and jump straight to that Azure subscription.

To configure completion in bash add the following to ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile

source <(azbrowse completion bash)

To configure completion for zsh run the following command

azbrowse completion zsh > "${fpath[1]}/_azbrowse"

Ensure you have autoload -Uz compinit && compinit present in your .zshrc file to load these completions


See the docs for getting started guides, configuration docs, ...


Issues on the repository track plans, I'd love help so feel free to comment on an issue you'd like to work.