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# Starter pipeline
# Start with a minimal pipeline that you can customize to build and deploy your code.
# Add steps that build, run tests, deploy, and more:
vmImage: 'Ubuntu 16.04'
GOBIN: '$(GOPATH)/bin' # Go binaries path
GOROOT: '/usr/local/go1.11' # Go installation path
GOPATH: '$(system.defaultWorkingDirectory)/gopath' # Go workspace path
modulePath: '$(GOPATH)/src/$(' # Path to the module's code
- script: |
mkdir -p '$(GOBIN)'
mkdir -p '$(GOPATH)/pkg'
mkdir -p '$(modulePath)'
shopt -s extglob
mv !(gopath) '$(modulePath)'
echo '##vso[task.prependpath]$(GOBIN)'
echo '##vso[task.prependpath]$(GOROOT)/bin'
displayName: 'Set up the Go workspace'
- script: bash -f ./scripts/ && make
displayName: 'Build Go and Docker image'
workingDirectory: '$(modulePath)'
- script: bash -f ./scripts/ && make integration
displayName: 'Run integration tests with Minikube'
workingDirectory: '$(modulePath)'
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