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A Demonstration of (what I think to be) Good Practice for Remote Services
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Remote Service Clients - (the easy way).key
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An sample project for Sydney CocoaHeads to show some best practice when consuming data from web services.

This App aims to show a few things:

  • A Common Interface for obtaining data from local and remote sources (LRLDataProvider)
  • Basing all service calls on configuration passed down, no global configuration. All services can react to a single change of the root configuration URL.
  • Using object equality and distinctUntilChanged to avoid unnecessary activity in consumers. Consumers only need concern themselves when new data is presented to them.
  • Lightweight services that only concern themselves with a small external service. Services take all their functional dependencies so that they are significantly easier to test.
  • Composing Services on top of each other and combining the results. The fact that there are multiple services being called is not exposed to service consumers (e.g. the UI).
  • Lightweight model objects that are easily converted to and from JSON. Keeping these object immutable so they can be bounced across threads.
  • Immutable model objects that are updated with a block. A powerful pattern for thread-safety and coherence of values.
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