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MATLAB Motion Capture Toolbox

The MATLAB motion capture toolbox allows loading and playing of BVH and acclaim files in MATLAB.

Warning this toolbox seems to be affected by a possible bug in MATLAB 7.4, see here for details.

Release Information

Current release is 0.136.

As well as downloading the MOCAP software you need to obtain the toolboxes specified below.

Toolbox Version

Missing a file for reading the poser data.

Release 0.135

Added visualisation files written by Carl Henrik Ek for the Human Eva data and for Ankur Agarwal's Poser generated silhouette data.

Release 0.134

Bug fix release, a bug in bvh2xyz meant that if a position was included in the bvh skeleton structure for non-root nodes, the xyz positions were computed incorrectly. Thanks to Richard Widgery and Christopher Hulbert for identifying this problem.

horse.bvh removed due to copyright reasons. To obtain a license for this file, and plenty of other motion capture data of horses, please contact Richard Widgery of Kinetic Impulse.

Release 0.133

This release is a bug fix release, to deal with bugs in mocapResultsCppBvh, thanks to Cedric Vanaken for pointing out the problem.

Release 0.132

Moved tree handling code into NDLUTIL toolbox, version 0.156.

Release 0.131

This release fixes a bug where the left was displayed on the right and vice versa.

Release 0.13

New in this release is the ability to load data in the acclaim ASF/AMC format. See the example below for details.


Once downloaded you can try loading a BVH data set from the examples directory.

>> [skel, channels, frameLength] = bvhReadFile('examples/Swagger.bvh');

This motion capture data was taken from Ohio State University's ACCAD centre.

You can now play the data using the command

>> skelPlayData(skel, channels, frameLength);

You can also download and read data in the Acclaim format (asf/amc). In the example below we load a nd play data from the CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database. We use the tenth example from the 86th subject. We have assumed that you have placed the files in the examples subdirectory.

>> skel = acclaimReadSkel('examples/86.asf');
>> [channels, skel] = acclaimLoadChannels('examples/86_10.amc', skel);
>> skelPlayData(skel, channels, 1/120);

Where the frames per second is given on the CMU site as 120.

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Matlab software for processing motion capture files.






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