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Simple, beautiful bios in ~100 words

An early stage project to make it easy to create a simple but beautiful bios with a clean minimalist design. Text shines here.

New in v0.2.0

Getting Started

Single user mode

Single user mode allows you to host a single user. It's very early and lots to do, but you can get up and running with a little effort:

  1. Clone this project
  2. cp lib/config/production_sample.json lib/config/production.json
  3. npm i
  4. npm start
  5. Browse to http://localhost:4004?edit=abcdefg and edit the content (changes are stored in the files in directory content/)
  6. Browse to http://localhost:4004 and admire your work!

Multi user mode

If you have redis (or simply install it), you can run SimplCV in multi-user mode. This allows you to support multiple users bio's on the same machine. To do this:

  1. Clone this project
  2. cp lib/config/production_multi_sample.json lib/config/production.json
  3. Edit the lib/config/production.json to your redis location (no need to make changes if redis is running on localhost:6379)
  4. npm i
  5. npm start
  6. Browse to http://localhost:4004/user/testuser1?edit=abcdefg and edit the content
  7. Browse to http://localhost:4004/user/testuser2?edit=abcdefg and edit the content
  8. Browse to http://localhost:4004/user/testuser1 and http://localhost:4004/user/testuser2 and admire your work!

Next steps

A few todos:

  • Design iteration
  • More included icons
  • Create more templates
  • Error handling
  • One click install to Digital Ocean, Heroku, etc
  • Editable UI