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Boilerplate React App

This is a boilerplate project for React, based on this tutorial.

Great for beginners or developers who want to start off with bare minimum environment to get a React project up and running. This project is primarily for myself to quick-start with React projects, but perhaps it could prove useful for other developers too :)

Minimum Project Contents:

  • react
  • react-dom
  • webpack - used for splitting, transforming and bundling resource files.
  • webpack-dev-server - for serving the development files, and hot-loading webpage upon code updates.
  • babel - compiles ES6 and JSX into native Javascript code. Why? Because ES6 and JSX are not available in modern browsers (yet).
  • html-webpack-plugin - injects script and stylesheet tags into the html.


  • NodeJS - for hosting a server and using the NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Yarn - an enhanced version of npm

Recommended Tools

  • Visual Studio Code - Cross-platform, lightweight IDE. Has great plugins that make development painless.
  • Sublime Text - Cross-platform, lightweight IDE. UI is less appealing, but performance is faster than VS Code.
  • Cmder - (Windows) Portable CLI. I use it solely for the coloured UI and multiple-tab feature.

Quick Usage Notes

  • npm install - Run this once to update/install all node modules required for the project.
  • npm run <command>
    • Refer to package.json to add/modify commands in the scripts property.
    • npm run start - Starts development server on (default) localhost:8080
    • npm run build - Builds and generates a production bundle.js in the dist folder.


As this repo may potentially grow with additional code that makes it less boilerplate-y, check the "Releases" tab for older versions.