Meshery is a playground for testing performance and experimenting with functionality of various service meshes.
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A service mesh playground to faciliate learning about functionality and performance of different service meshes. Meshery incorporates the collection and display of metrics from applications running in the playground.

Meshery is written in Go (Golang) and leverages Go Modules. The deployment_yaml folder contains the configuration yaml to deploy Meshery on Kubernetes, which includes a Deployment, Service, Service Entries and Virtual Services configurations.

Istio Playground


  1. Docker engine (e.g. Docker for Desktop).
  2. Kubernetes cluster (preferably version 1.10+).

Istio Playground App

A sample Istio app is included in Meshery.

Running Meshery


  1. Istio version 1.0.3+ in istio-system namespace along with the Istio ingress gateway.
  2. Istio Solarwinds Mixer adapter is configured with a valid AppOptics token.
  3. The canonical Istio bookinfo sample application deployed in the default namespace.


To run the service mesh playground either:

  1. Deploy Meshery (kubectl apply -f deployment_yamls/deployment.yaml).

Linkerd Playground App

coming soon

Running Meshery



Building Meshery

A sample Makefile is included to build and package the app as a Docker image.

  1. Docker to build the image.
  2. Go version 1.11+ installed if you want to make changes to the existing code.
  3. Clone this repository (git clone
  4. Build the Meshery Docker image (docker build . -t meshery). 1.1. pre-built images available:

About - Layer 5 - Service Meshes is a repository for information pertaining to the technology ecosystem surrounding service meshes, api gateways, edge proxies, ingress and egress controllers - - microservice management in cloud native environments.


Contributions, updates, discrepancy reports and pull requests are welcome. This project is community-built and welcomes collaboration. Contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


This repository and site are available as open source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.