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If you’re using Meshery or if you like the project, please this repository to show your support! 🤩

Meshery is the multi-service mesh management plane offering lifecycle, configuration, and performance management of service meshes and their workloads.

Run Meshery

See the getting started section to quickly deploy Meshery on any of these supported platforms:

Platform Supported?
Docker ✔️
    Docker - Docker App ✔️
Kubernetes ✔️
    Kubernetes - AKS ✔️
    Kubernetes - Docker Desktop ✔️
    Kubernetes - EKS ✔️
    Kubernetes - GKE ✔️
    Kubernetes - Helm ✔️
    Kubernetes - kind ✔️
    Kubernetes - Minikube ✔️
    Kubernetes - OpenShift In Progress
Linux ✔️
Mac ✔️
    Mac - Homebrew ✔️
Windows ✔️
    Scoop ✔️
    WSL2 ✔️
Raspberry Pi In Progress

Meshery documentation offers thorough installation guides for your platform of choice.

Supported Service Meshes


Layer5 Service Mesh Management

Service Mesh Lifecycle Management

Meshery manages the provisioning, configuration and operation your service mesh. While supporting different types of service meshes, Meshery also offers a simple way to explore each service mesh and compare them using bundled sample applications.

Interoperate multiple service meshes with service mesh adapters provision, configure, and manage their respective service meshes. Meshery is an implementation of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI).

Layer5 Service Mesh Configuration Management

Service Mesh Configuration Management

Assess your service mesh configuration against deployment and operational best practices with Meshery's configuration validator. Onboard your workload onto the service mesh with confidence. Check your service mesh configuration for anti-patterns and avoid common pitfalls.

Adhering to Service Mesh Standards

Service Mesh Performance (SMP) In an effort to produce service mesh agnostic tooling, Meshery uses the [service mesh performance]( as a common format to capture and measure your mesh's performance against a universal service mesh performance index. As a partner of VMware's Multi-Vendor Service Mesh Interoperation (Hamlet) and Service Mesh Interface (SMI), Meshery participates in advancing service mesh adoption through the standardization of APIs.

Layer5 Service Mesh Performance Management

Standardized Service Performance Management

Meshery is the service-mesh-neutral utility for uniformly managing the performance of services and the meshes that run them. As an implementation of the Service Mesh Performance (SMP), Meshery enables you to measure the value provided by a service mesh in the context of the overhead incurred.

Conforming to Service Mesh Interface (SMI)

Meshery provides tooling to validate any service mesh that claims to implement and SMI Validation, Verification, and Conformance with Mesheryconform to SMI specifications. Working in accordance with the SMI Conformance project, it essentially provides:

✔︎ Defines compliant behavior.
✔︎ Produces compatibility matrix.
✔︎ Ensures provenance of results.
✔︎ Runs a set of conformance tests.
✔︎ Built into the participating service mesh’s release pipeline.
✔︎ Provides Learn Layer5 sample application used for validating test assertions.


Meshery Architecture

You may deploy Meshery internal to your cluster or external to your cluster.

Learn more about Meshery's architecture.

Join the service mesh community!

Our projects are community-built and welcome collaboration. 👍 Be sure to see the Layer5 Community Welcome Guide for a tour of resources available to you and see the Layer5 Repository Overview for a cursory description of repository by technology and programming language. Jump into community Slack to engage!


Find your MeshMate

MeshMates are experienced Layer5 community members, who will help you learn your way around, discover live projects, and expand your community network. Become a Meshtee today!

Find out more on the Layer5 community.

Layer5 Service Mesh Community

Layer5 Service Mesh Community

✔️ Join any or all of the weekly meetings on community calendar.
✔️ Watch community meeting recordings.
✔️ Access the community drive.

Not sure where to start? Grab an open issue with the help-wanted label.


Contributing (yes!)

We're a warm and welcoming community of open source contributors. Please join. All types of contributions are welcome. Be sure to read the Meshery Contributors Welcome Guide for a tour of resources available to you and how to get started.

Deploying Linkerd with Meshery


See Meshery in Action


If you’re using Meshery or if you like the project, please star this repository to show your support! 🤩


This repository and site are available as open-source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

About Layer5

Community First

The Layer5 community represents the largest collection of service mesh projects and their maintainers in the world.

Open Source First

Our projects establish industry standards and enable service developers, owners, and operators with repeatable patterns and best practices for managing all aspects of distributed services. Our shared commitment to the open-source spirit push the Layer5 community and its projects forward.