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Meshery Adapter for Octarine

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How the Meshery Adapter for Octarine Works

The Octarine adapter relys on an existing control plane already being up. Octarine provides a shared control plane for all Meshery users. In order to deploy Octarine's dataplane into a target cluster the adapter performs the follwing operations:

  • A new account is provisioned in the Octarine Control Plane.
  • A domain is registered in that account. A domain in Octarine identified a k8s cluster.
  • The YAML files required for deploying the data plane on the target cluster are generated.
  • The YAML files are applied on the octarine-dataplane namespace in the target cluster.

Once the Octarine's data plane services are deployed, the adapter can be used to deploy Bookinfo. The steps here are:

  • Enable the target namespace for automatic sidecar injection.
  • Deploy Bookinfo to the target namespace.

Environment Variables

In order to connect to the Octarine Control Plane the adapter requires the follwing environment variables to be set:

  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_USERNAME: The docker username needed to pull Octarine's images to the target cluster. Do not use your own docker credentials. Use the ones supplies by Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_EMAIL: The docker username needed to pull Octarine's images to the target cluster.
  • OCTARINE_DOCKER_PASSWORD: The docker username needed to pull Octarine's images to the target cluster.
  • OCTARINE_ACC_MGR_PASSWD : The password that will be assigned to the user 'meshery' in the new account.
  • OCTARINE_CREATOR_PASSWD : The password needed to create an account in Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_DELETER_PASSWD : The password needed to delete the account in Octarine.
  • OCTARINE_CP : The address of the Octarine Control Plane. Example:
  • OCTARINE_DOMAIN : The name that will be assigned to the target cluster in Octarine. Example: meshery:domain


Meshery - the Service Mesh Management Plane Meshery is the multi-service mesh management plane offering lifecycle management of more types of service meshes than any other tool available today. Meshery facilitates adopting, configuring, operating and managing performance of different service meshes and incorporates the collection and display of metrics from applications running on top of any service mesh.

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