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  • HPE Labs- Cloudless
    • "Our Complex, Dynamic, and Intelligent system demands leverage different tools to efficiently manage service exchange and ecosystem at Global Scale; for instance, we need to identify right fit Service Mesh to address varying workload scenarios, distributed systems across locations, different security tiers, minimal latency etc. Meshery helps us curate Service Mesh for tailored need by helping us running simulations and identifying the right fit Service Mesh that works efficiently across diverse ecosystem of tools."
  • HPE Security Engineering
    • "As a security-focused organization, HPE Security Engineering continually evaluates, assesses, and conducts performance analysis over service meshes and other cloud-native technologies. Meshery has been an instrumental piece of our daily work, as having a simple yet powerful management plane facilitates our engineers to deploy, manage, experiment, and quickly iterate. Meshery's features can only be overshadowed by its friendly and welcoming community always willing to help."
  • Intraserve Systems
    • Mohsen Houshmand: "Working with service mesh technology, I find one of the most useful tools is Meshery! I use Meshery to run POCs for our customers to help them adopt, and then, ongoing to check our mesh configuration. The most fantastic part about Meshery is it's performance management features."
  • SolarWinds
  • Sudeep Batra (Ericsson)
  • Metabob
    • Sako WS: "We find Meshery to be the perfect to tool to help us successfully operate our service mesh. And with so many new features coming out, it's only getter better and better."
  • Asteria Aerospace
    • "As we are a very modern technology company, we always want to use the cutting edge, open source technology to excel. All our microservices are modern in nature and so is their infrastructure. We are cloud agnostic and at the same time, we are fascinated by service meshes to empower us with secure, reliable, intelligent infrastructure. When we are in an Istio world, the need for managing the mesh was always been a gap. With Meshery, we believe we can nurture our service mesh to perform better and more efficiently."
  • BootLabs
    • "We are a true Boutique Tech Consulting partner who understands the pain points of all-sized company in terms of embracing Cloud. Being obsessed about anything “CLOUD” and automation first, we drive our partner to success. We always strive to provide our customers ,the cutting edge technology and the trend is ServiceMesh now. We enable our Client to make their Micoservices more secure with Mesh. When we talk about ServiceMeshes, Meshery comes handy. We have seen the imact meshery has done for the Mesh deployment and Management and reduced the time to market "
  • Intel
    • "We are working on the acceleration and security of open source Service Mesh projects. Meshery is the best tool for managing and operating different Service Mesh projects, it greatly helped us compare the functions and performance of them, and demonstrate the results of our efforts. We also love Meshery's community where we can connect with Service Mesh talents and enthusiasts from all over the world!"
  • Red Hat

If you're using Meshery and aren't on this list, please submit a pull request!