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Layer Integrations CLI

npm version

This is a command line tool that is designed to be used with Layer Integration Development Kit (IDK). It is used to install and deploy Serverless integrations into your cloud provider environment.


Install command line tool using npm:

sudo npm install layer-integrations -g

List integrations

The best way to see what integrations are available for installation is using the --list option.

layer-integrations --list

This will print a list of integration names and their description.

Install integration

In order to install an integration you need to use install command followed by <integration-name>.

layer-integrations install email-fallback

This will download the latest version of specified integration and created a new folder with the same name as integration name.

Cloud Provider

By default Amazon AWS aws is used as a Cloud Provider but you can also specify Microsoft Azure azure.

layer-integrations install email-fallback --provider aws

Deploy integration

To deploy installed integration you need to run the following command from the integration root folder.

layer-integrations deploy


For production ready versions we recommend enabling PagerDuty or Sentry. You can also enable both.


Enable PagerDuty by providing --pagerduty option.

layer-integrations deploy --pagerduty

This will prompt you to specify additional PagerDuty credentials, API key and Integration key.


Enable Sentry by providing --sentry option.

layer-integrations deploy --sentry

This will prompt you to specify the Sentry DSN which you can get from your Sentry dashboard under Client Keys.