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Example of how to do query.sql code reload #72

claudiu-apetrei opened this issue Aug 10, 2017 · 4 comments


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commented Aug 10, 2017


Hugsql seems amazing.
Pretty new to clojure, and just can't seem to find any resource out there on how to reload the query.sql.

I am using component for my project and have core reload with '' with set-refresh-dirs.

Guessing that the workflow can't be restart repl.
Would be really helpful if you could share a example of a reload flow Thank you :)


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commented Aug 14, 2017

Here's the solution I came up with. It's pretty dirty, but seems to work ok. I'd love to know of a better way though.

  (:require [ :as hugsql]
            [com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
            [clojure.set :as set]))

(def this-ns *ns*)

(def queries-file "queries/app.sql")

;; DB fns need to be defined twice, once here to ensure they exist when refreshing
;; the namespace.
(hugsql/def-db-fns queries-file)

;; And once here as a component, so that changes to the file will still be picked up.
(defrecord PostgresQueries [resource-path]
  (start [this]
    (hugsql/def-db-fns resource-path {:ns this-ns})
  (stop [this]

(defn new-queries []
  (map->PostgresQueries {:resource-path queries-file}))

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commented Oct 4, 2017

I got around this by using map-of-db-fns within the component, passing in my db connection with use-component, and appending a function which takes a keyword and (maybe) options, and calls the function using the db spec:

(defrecord Queries [resource-path hikari-cp]
  (start [this]
    (let [map-of-fns (hugsql/map-of-db-fns queries-file)]
      (assoc this
             :fns map-of-fns
             (fn query-fn
                (query-fn kw {}))
               ([kw opts]
                ((get-in map-of-fns [kw :fn])
                 (:db-spec hikari-cp)
  (stop [this]
    (-> this
        (dissoc :query-fn)
        (dissoc :fns))))

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commented Feb 16, 2018

I submitted a patch to tools.namespace which would allow reloads to work. In your namespace, you'd be able to track external files as part of your namespace changing.

(ns my-ns
  { #{"queries/app.sql"})

(def queries-file "queries/app.sql")
(hugsql/def-db-fns queries-file)

It has not been looked at yet though 🤞


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commented Jul 27, 2018

Hey folks I have a fork with TNS-48 applied.

There's some instructions in the README (it should work as a drop-in replacement for existing tools.namespace 😁)


I'm looking for feedback to see if this is something valuable to y'all 😁

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