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  • Checking pointer absolute coordinates <daniels> ale`: on the client side? XTranslateCoordinates with root_[xy] and the root window as the source

Add icon hiding support

  • State “DONE” from “TODO” [2011-01-27 Thu 21:03]
  • load a file with a list of hidden window classes
  • add a variable draw_hidden, set to 1 on EnterNotify, set to 0 on LeaveNotify; Repaint
  • change the Repaint routine accordingly

FIXED Repeated enter and leave event whith uim-toolbar-gtk-systray

  • State “KNOWNCAUSE” from “BUG” [2011-01-29 Sat 04:56]
    Repainting causes leave and enter events, and that happened when resizing too. Resizing didn’t set the ignore-next-leave-event flag.

enter/leave scheme:

FIXED sometimes icons don’t respect hiding/sorting

  • State “KNOWNCAUSE” from “BUG” [2011-01-29 Sat 20:59]
    It’s not icon shuffling. Icons up the window stack cover unhidden windows because they are placed in the same position.

After unhide/hide, the not-hidden icons shuffle or some not-hidden icon “swaps” with a hidden one. Fixed moving the icon windows outside the parent clipping area.

WAITING Refactoring code

  • State “STARTED” from “TODO” [2011-02-02 Wed 02:38]
  • Moved is_bad_window to xutils.c/h