Pedestrian Pose Annotation for DukeMTMC-reID by machine (Python and Matlab API)
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Pedestrian Pose Annotation for DukeMTMC-reID by machine(Python and Matlab API).

It is a small work but we think it may help the community to focus on the body structure of the pedestrian. The application can be pedestrain hallucination (generation), person re-identification and tracking.


18 pedestrian body points have been included in result folder.

File Description
gallery_points.json The points of gallery images.
train_points.json The points of training images.
query_points.json The points of query images.

We generated the pose by OpenPose. Thank their great works.

(Note that value is null if the point has not been detected.)


python: python_demo.ipynb

matlab: matlab_demo.m

Generate the pose by yourself

You need to install the openpose from The code is wrote with pycaffe.

I wrote a simple code to generate the pose. You may directly change the dataset path in it and have a try.


Please refer to LICENSE_DukeMTMC.txt and LICENSE_DukeMTMC-reID.txt.