Dual-Path Convolutional Image-Text Embedding https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.05535
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Dual-Path Convolutional Image-Text Embedding

This repository contains the code for our paper Dual-Path Convolutional Image-Text Embedding. Thank you for your kindly attention.

What's New: We updated the paper to the second version, adding more illustration about the mechanism of the proposed instance loss.

Prepocess Datasets

  1. Extract wrod2vec weights. Follow the instruction in ./word2vector_matlab;

  2. Prepocess the dataset. Follow the instruction in ./dataset. You can choose one dataset to run. Three datasets need different prepocessing. I write the instruction for Flickr30k, MSCOCO and CUHK-PEDES.

  3. Download the model pre-trained on ImageNet. And put the model into './data'.

(bash) wget http://www.vlfeat.org/matconvnet/models/imagenet-resnet-50-dag.mat

Alternatively, you may try VGG16 or VGG19.

Trained Model

You may download the three trained models from GoogleDrive.


  • For Flickr30k, run train_flickr_word2_1_pool.m for Stage I training.

Run train_flickr_word_Rankloss_shift_hard for Stage II training.

  • For MSCOCO, run train_coco_word2_1_pool.m for Stage I training.

Run train_coco_Rankloss_shift_hard.m for Stage II training.

  • For CUHK-PEDES, run train_cuhk_word2_1_pool.m for Stage I training.

Run train_cuhk_word_Rankloss_shift for Stage II training.


Select one model and have fun!

  • For Flickr30k, run test/extract_pic_feature_word2_plus_52.m and to extract the feature from image and text. Note that you need to change the model path in the code.

  • For MSCOCO, run test_coco/extract_pic_feature_word2_plus.m and to extract the feature from image and text. Note that you need to change the model path in the code.

  • For CUHK-PEDES, run test_cuhk/extract_pic_feature_word2_plus_52.m and to extract the feature from image and text. Note that you need to change the model path in the code.


  • Get word2vec weight

  • Data Preparation (Flickr30k)

  • Train on Flickr30k

  • Test on Flickr30k

  • Data Preparation (MSCOCO)

  • Train on MSCOCO

  • Test on MSCOCO

  • Data Preparation (CUHK-PEDES)

  • Train on CUHK-PEDES

  • Test on CUHK-PEDES

  • Run the code on another machine