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Python 3.6 License: MIT

In this repo, we provide the code for the two papers, i.e.,

Table of contents


  • [5 Sep 2021] Zheng etal. apply the Uncertainty to domain adaptive reid, and also achieve good performance. "Exploiting Sample Uncertainty for Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification" Kecheng Zheng, Cuiling Lan, Wenjun Zeng, Zhizheng Zhang, and Zheng-Jun Zha. AAAI 2021

  • [13 Aug 2021] We release one new method by Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost) for Domain Adaptation. You may check the project at

Common Q&A

  1. Why KLDivergence is always non-negative (>=0)?

Please check the wikipedia at (–Leibler_divergence#Properties) . It provides one good demonstration.

  1. Why both log_sm and sm are used?

You may check the pytorch doc at I follow the discussion at

The Core Code

Core code is relatively simple, and could be directly applied to other works.


  • Python 3.6
  • GPU Memory >= 11G (e.g., GTX2080Ti or GTX1080Ti)
  • Pytorch or Paddlepaddle

Prepare Data

Download [GTA5] and [Cityscapes] to run the basic code. Alternatively, you could download extra two datasets from [SYNTHIA] and [OxfordRobotCar].

The data folder is structured as follows:

├── data/
│   ├── Cityscapes/  
|   |   ├── data/
|   |       ├── gtFine/
|   |       ├── leftImg8bit/
│   ├── GTA5/
|   |   ├── images/
|   |   ├── labels/
|   |   ├── ...
│   ├── synthia/ 
|   |   ├── RGB/
|   |   ├── GT/
|   |   ├── Depth/
|   |   ├── ...
│   └── Oxford_Robot_ICCV19
|   |   ├── train/
|   |   ├── ...



python --snapshot-dir ./snapshots/SE_GN_batchsize2_1024x512_pp_ms_me0_classbalance7_kl0.1_lr2_drop0.1_seg0.5  --drop 0.1 --warm-up 5000 --batch-size 2 --learning-rate 2e-4 --crop-size 1024,512 --lambda-seg 0.5  --lambda-adv-target1 0.0002 --lambda-adv-target2 0.001   --lambda-me-target 0  --lambda-kl-target 0.1  --norm-style gn  --class-balance  --only-hard-label 80  --max-value 7  --gpu-ids 0,1  --often-balance  --use-se  

Generate Pseudo Label:

python  --restore-from ./snapshots/SE_GN_batchsize2_1024x512_pp_ms_me0_classbalance7_kl0.1_lr2_drop0.1_seg0.5/GTA5_25000.pth

Stage-II (with recitfying pseudo label):

python --snapshot-dir ./snapshots/1280x640_restore_ft_GN_batchsize9_512x256_pp_ms_me0_classbalance7_kl0_lr1_drop0.2_seg0.5_BN_80_255_0.8_Noaug --restore-from ./snapshots/SE_GN_batchsize2_1024x512_pp_ms_me0_classbalance7_kl0.1_lr2_drop0.1_seg0.5/GTA5_25000.pth --drop 0.2 --warm-up 5000 --batch-size 9 --learning-rate 1e-4 --crop-size 512,256 --lambda-seg 0.5 --lambda-adv-target1 0 --lambda-adv-target2 0 --lambda-me-target 0 --lambda-kl-target 0 --norm-style gn --class-balance --only-hard-label 80 --max-value 7 --gpu-ids 0,1,2 --often-balance  --use-se  --input-size 1280,640  --train_bn  --autoaug False

*** If you want to run the code without rectifying pseudo label, please change [this line] to 'from trainer_ms import AD_Trainer', which would apply the conventional pseudo label learning. ***


python --restore-from ./snapshots/1280x640_restore_ft_GN_batchsize9_512x256_pp_ms_me0_classbalance7_kl0_lr1_drop0.2_seg0.5_BN_80_255_0.8_Noaug/GTA5_25000.pth

Trained Model

The trained model is available at

  • The folder with SY in name is for SYNTHIA-to-Cityscapes
  • The folder with RB in name is for Cityscapes-to-Robot Car

One Note for SYNTHIA-to-Cityscapes

Note that the evaluation code I provided for SYNTHIA-to-Cityscapes is still average the IoU by divide 19. Actually, you need to re-calculate the value by divide 16. There are only 16 shared classes for SYNTHIA-to-Cityscapes. In this way, the result is same as the value reported in paper.

Related Works

We also would like to thank great works as follows:


  title={Unsupervised Scene Adaptation with Memory Regularization in vivo},
  author={Zheng, Zhedong and Yang, Yi},
  title={Rectifying Pseudo Label Learning via Uncertainty Estimation for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation },
  author={Zheng, Zhedong and Yang, Yi},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)},