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Final project proposal

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18 8/homework8.html
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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<title>Week 8</title>
+<h1>Final Project- Commonwealth Skillshare</h1>
+<h2>Reasons why this is an awesome final project:</h2>
+ <li>It's for a real group with real people</li>
+ <li>It will be used (in real life) pretty frequently</li>
+ <li>Its a multi-page site with a lot of content</li>
+ <li>The site needs a lot of interactivity that I have not yet incorporated including a dynamic calendar, submissions for proposals, and a blog that needs to be uploaded regularly</li>
+ <li>It would be a good site to try and build in Wordpress since I'll need to hand it off to a third party to make content edits</li>
+ <li>My friends are bugging me about it</li>
6 index.html
@@ -21,5 +21,11 @@
<h1>Week 6</h1>
<a href="/6/homework6.html">link</a>
+<h1>Week 7</h1>
+<h1>Week 8</h1>
+<a href="/8/homework8.html">link</a>

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