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Template for creating a thesis using Markdown
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Template for writing a thesis using Markdown.

This project is designed to easily produce a well-formatted thesis document from multiple Markdown files using Make, Pandoc and latexmk with statistics from texcount.

The example text and style comes from John Papandriopoulos' Ph.D. Dissertation Template, designed to meet requirements at the University of Melbourne.


The directory structure is designed to as flexible as possible with the following elements:

  • bibliography - Bibliography files
  • figures - Figure files and files to produce them
  • style - Any required style files and packages
  • template - Additional included .tex files (opposed to .md files that contain the main text)
  • thesis.pdf - Core document, acts as a Table of Contents linking remaining files
  • Makefile - Manage document building

Markdown files containing the main text can be placed anywhere within the project directory and will be located during the build process.



The complete PDF document can be produced by running make or make all.

Several steps occur during this process:

  1. A build directory is created with necessary subdirectories.
  2. The project directory is searched for Markdown files which are converted to TeX files in the build directory.
  3. TeX files are copied from the template directory to the build directory.
  4. All files are copied from the style directory to a style subdirectory inside the build directory.
  5. All files are copied from the bibliography directory to a bibliography subdirectory inside the build directory.
  6. The figures directory is searched for image files which are copied to a figures subdirectory inside the build directory.
  7. latexmk is used to build the output file in the build directory.
  8. The output file is copied to the main directory.

This process has the advantage of avoiding cluttering the workspace with auxiliary files created during the build process. The directory structure (for Markdown and figure files) is flattened during the copying process which allows simple inclusion of files while allowing whatever directory structure best organises your files.

NOTE: This is currently a bug that causes an error in latexmk the first time it is run, as the build directory is created. It may take a few runs for the process to stabilise but it should be fine after that.

Word count

The command make count produces a word count using the texcount script. By default this is a summary of all included files but other options can be set in the Makefile if desired.


The command make archive will create a zipped copy of the build directory inside an archive directory. This can be useful for recording important milestones such as versions sent to supervisors, for example so texdiff can be used. It would be possible to get the records from git but this is easier.


A make clean command also exists which simply removes the build directory. This may be useful if there are problems with the build process.

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