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If you want to compile from source please read BUILD.

Binary packages

Binary packages of Panini built by OBS can be downloaded here.

Currently we are building packages for:

  • CentOS 7
  • Fedora 27
  • Fedora Rawhide
  • SLE 12 SP3
  • openSUSE Leap 42.3
  • openSUSE Tumblweed

To install it on openSUSE you can also type:

zypper addrepo -f obs://home:jubalh:panini panini
zypper refresh
zypper in panini


An easy way to run Panini on any Linux distribution without installation is to use the AppImage.

  • Download it from the release page.
  • Make it executable (chmod u+x panini-0.72-x86_64.AppImage or right click -> properties -> permissions)
  • Click on it