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The "I'm feeling lucky" URL shortener


The Mozilla Developer Network is an awesome JavaScript resource. When looking for JavaScript references on something like Function.apply, you might Google "apply" and click the first result. does that for you, and can be configured to search any domain.

Use it in comments when explaining concepts

// Make sure add() takes a single argument (see

As a lmgtfy replacement for JavaScript questions

friend: dude, is it call() or apply() that takes an array?


Type directly in the address bar as a shortcut to search the MDN

[ origin sharing]( origin sharing)

How does it work? uses Google's "I'm feeling lucky" functionality to redirect you to the first search result.

Note that, because this is a search, the page you're redirected to may change in the future. However, you can rest assured that you'll always be redirected to the page that Google finds most relevant.

Searching other domains can be used to search any domain. See the configuration section and fire up your own instance.

Starting the server has no dependencies, start it with:

PORT=8080 node server.js


Configure with the following environment variables:

Variable Description Default
PORT The port to run the server on. 3000
SERVICE The search service to use google, bing or ddg. google
SEARCH_DOMAIN The domain to search.
FALLBACK_URL The fallback URL for empty queries.

Note:: Bing does not have an "I'm feeling lucky" equivalent, so you'll be redirected to Bing's search result page instead.

Example: Reddit URL shortener

SEARCH_DOMAIN="" FALLBACK_URL="" PORT=8080 node server.js