A simple library for using the API of ISBNdb.com in Ruby
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= ISBNdb

NOTE: this project is inactive! please check out https://github.com/sethvargo/isbndb/ created by Seth Vargo.

is a simple library written in Ruby for interaction with the {ISBNdb.com}[http://isbndb.com/]
API over HTTP.

== Description:

The library provides a uniform front-end for building queries and sending
them over HTTP (sync or async). When the API server returns a result for
the query, the library turns that result into ruby objects.

== Features:

* build queries and send them to the API (via HTTP GET)
* parse XML result returned by the API and turn it into ruby objects
* ...
* API key management class (planed)

As the API of ISBNdb.com is only available over HTTP by now, this library
only implements the HTTP version (the API spec speaks of a planed
XML-RPC one as well).

== Requirements:

* an API access key from ISBNdb.com
  (requires creation of a account but is free of charge)
* Ruby but no more than that, since the library only makes us of code
  from the std library.

== Install:

Fetch the source:

 git clone git://github.com/lazlo/ruby-isbndb.git

Put the content of lib directory into your load path (using the command
line parameter -I like in "irb -Ilib" or "ruby -Ilib").

== Details:

Since the amount of requests to the API server is limited on a per day
basis of 500 requests, and results returned by the server are
paginated (and so require an additional query) there is a sane default
value that determines how many pages of the result will be parsed.

As an alternative interactive parsing of the individual pages of the
result is a potential feature for the future.

For further reading on the ISBNdb.com API
refer to the specification at http://isbndb.com/docs/api/.

== Examples:

Some examples for using the library:

  require 'isbndb'


  # Find a book by ISBN
  result = ISBNdb.find("0-321-49045-2",
    :access_key => api_key)
  if result.size > 0
    result.each { |item|
      puts "Title: #{item.title}"
      puts "Full Title: #{item.full_title}"
      puts "Authors: #{item.authors}"
      puts "ISBN-10: #{item.isbn10}"

  # Find a book by title (using ISBNdb.find):
  result = ISBNdb.find(:collection => :book,
    :where => {:title => "Test-driven"},
    :access_key => api_key)
  if result.size > 0
    result.each { |item|

  # Find a book (by building complex a query):
  result = ISBNdb.find(:collection => :book,
    :where => {:title => "Test-driven", :publisher => "Prentice Hall"},
    :access_key => api_key)
  if result.size > 0
    result.each {
      puts item.title

== License:

(The MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2009 D. Laszlo Sitzer

== Authors & Contact Information:

Authors: D. Laszlo Sitzer <lazlo@lazlo.de>

The wiki for this project is hosted at http://wiki.github.com/lazlo/ruby-isbndb.