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* Samuel Williams (
Thanks to Tekin for his patches.
Updated migrations system to tie in more closely with the current rails mechanism.
Rake task for updating database schema info
rake db:migrate:upgrade_plugin_migrations
Please see for more information.
* Refactored the view loading to work with changes in Edge Rails
* Fixed integration of plugin migrations with the new, default timestamped migrations in Edge Rails
* Refactored tests into the plugin itself - the plugin can now generate its own test_app harness and run tests within it.
* Engines now conforms to the new plugin loading mechanism, delegating plugin load order and lots of other things to Rails itself.
= 1.2.2
* Added the ability to code mix different types of files, cleaning up the existing code-mixing implementation slightly (Ticket #271)
= 1.2.1
* Added documentation to clarify some of the issues with Rails unloading classes that aren't required using "require_dependency" (Ticket #266)
* Fixed a bug where test_help was being loaded when it wasn't needed, and was actually causing problems (Ticket #265)
* !!!Support for Rails < 1.2 has been dropped!!!; if you are using Rails =< 1.1.6, please use Engines 1.1.6, available from
* Engines are dead! Long live plugins! There is now no meaningful notion of an engine - all plugins can take advantage of the more powerful features that the engines plugin provides by including app directories, etc.
* Init_engine.rb is no longer used; please use the plugin-standard init.rb instead.
* Engines.start is no longer required; please use the config.plugins array provided by Rails instead
* To get the most benefit from Engines, set config.plugins to ["engines", "*"] to load the engines plugin first, and then all other plugins in their normal order after.
* Access all loaded plugins via the new Rails.plugins array, and by name using Rails.plugins[:plugin_name].
* Access plugin metadata loaded automatically from about.yml: Rails.plugins[:name].about. Plugin#version is provided directly, for easy access.
* Module.config is has been removed - use mattr_accessor instead, and initialize your default values via the init.rb mechanism.
* Public asset helpers have been rewritten; instead of engine_stylesheet, now use stylesheet_link_tag :name, :plugin => "plugin_name"
* Plugin migrations have been reworked to integrate into the main migration stream. Please run script/generate plugin_migration to create plugin migrations in your main application.
* The fixture method for loading fixtures against any class has been removed; instead, engines will now provide a mechanism for loading fixtures from all plugins, by mirroring fixtures into a common location.
* All references to engines have been removed; For example, any rake tasks which applied to engines now apply to all plugins. The default Rails rake tasks for plugins are overridden where necessary.
* Layouts can now be shared via plugins - inspiration gratefully taken from PluginAWeek's plugin_routing :)
* Actual routing from plugins is now possible, by including routes.rb in your plugin directory and using the from_plugin method in config/routes.rb (Ticket #182)
* Controllers are no longer loaded twice if they're not present in the normal app/ directory (Ticket #177)
* The preferred location for javascripts/stylesheets/etc is now 'assets' rather than 'public'
* Ensure that plugins started before routing have their controllers appropriately added to config.controller_paths (Ticket #258)
* Removed Engines.version - it's not longer relevant, now we're loading version information from about.yml files.
* Added a huge amount of documentation to all new modules.
* Added new warning message if installation of engines 1.2.x is attempted in a Rails 1.1.x application
* Added details of the removal of the config method to UPGRADING
* Removed the plugins:info rake task in favour of adding information to script/about via the Rails::Info module (Ticket #261)
* Improved handling of testing and documentation tasks for plugins
= 1.1.4
* Fixed creation of multipart emails (Ticket #190)
* Added a temporary fix to the code-mixing issue. In your engine's test/test_helper.rb, please add the following lines:
# Ensure that the code mixing and view loading from the application is disabled
Engines.disable_app_views_loading = true
Engines.disable_app_code_mixing = true
which will prevent code mixing for controllers and helpers, and loading views from the application. One thing to remember is to load any controllers/helpers using 'require_or_load' in your tests, to ensure that the engine behaviour is respected (Ticket #135)
* Added tasks to easily test engines individually (Ticket #120)
* Fixture extensions will now fail with an exception if the corresponding class cannot be loaded (Ticket #138)
* Patch for new routing/controller loading in Rails 1.1.6. The routing code is now replaced with the contents of config.controller_paths, along with controller paths from any started engines (Ticket #196)
* Rails' Configuration instance is now stored, and available from all engines and plugins.
= 1.1.3
* Fixed README to show 'models' rather than 'model' class (Ticket #167)
* Fixed dependency loading to work with Rails 1.1.4 (Ticket #180)
= 1.1.2
* Added better fix to version checking (Ticket #130,
* Fixed generated init_engine.rb so that VERSION module doesn't cause probems (Ticket #131,
* Fixed error with Rails 1.0 when trying to ignore the engine_schema_info table (Ticket #132,
* Re-added old style rake tasks (Ticket #133)
* No longer adding all subdirectories of <engine>/app or <engine>/lib, as this can cause issues when files are grouped in modules (Ticket #149,
* Fixed engine precidence ordering for Rails 1.1 (Ticket #146)
* Added new Engines.each method to assist in processing the engines in the desired order (Ticket #146)
* Fixed annoying error message at appears when starting the console in development mode (Ticket #134)
* Engines is now super-careful about loading the correct version of Rails from vendor (Ticket #154)
= 1.1.1
* Fixed migration rake task failing when given a specific version (Ticket #115)
* Added new rake task "test:engines" which will test engines (and other plugins) but ensure that the test database is cloned from development beforehand (Ticket #125)
* Fixed issue where 'engine_schema_info' table was included in schema dumps (Ticket #87)
* Fixed multi-part emails (Ticket #121)
* Added an 'install.rb' file to new engines created by the bundled generator, which installs the engines plugin automatically if it doesn't already exist (Ticket #122)
* Added a default VERSION module to generated engines (Ticket #123)
* Refactored copying of engine's public files to a method of an Engine instance. You can now call Engines.get(:engine_name).copy_public_files (Ticket #108)
* Changed engine generator templates from .rb files to .erb files (Ticket #106)
* Fixed the test_helper.erb file to use the correct testing extensions and not load any schema - the schema will be cloned automatically via rake test:engines
* Fixed problem when running with Rails 1.1.1 where version wasn't determined correctly (Ticket #129)
* Fixed bug preventing engines from loading when both Rails 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 gems are installed and in use.
* Updated version (d'oh!)
= 1.1.0
* Improved regexp matching for Rails 1.0 engines with peculiar paths
* Engine instance objects can be accessed via Engines[:name], an alias for Engines.get(:name) (Ticket #99)
* init_engine.rb is now processed as the final step in the Engine.start process, so it can access files within the lib directory, which is now in the $LOAD_PATH at that point. (Ticket #99)
* Clarified MIT license (Ticket #98)
* Updated Rake tasks to integrate smoothly with Rails 1.1 namespaces
* Changed the version to "1.1.0 (svn)"
* Added more information about using the plugin with Edge Rails to the README
* moved extensions into lib/engines/ directory to enable use of Engines module in extension code.
* Added conditional require_or_load method which attempts to detect the current Rails version. To use the Edge Rails version of the loading mechanism, add the line:
* Engines.config :edge, true
* to your environment.rb file.
* Merged changes from /branches/edge and /branches/rb_1.0 into /trunk
* engine_schema_info now respects the prefix/suffixes set for ActiveRecord::Base (Ticket #67)
* added ActiveRecord::Base.wrapped_table_name(name) method to assist in determining the correct table name
= 1.0.6
* Added ability to determine version information for engines: rake engine_info
* Added a custom logger for the Engines module, to stop pollution of the Rails logs.
* Added some more tests (in particular, see rails_engines/applications/engines_test).
* Another attempt at solving Ticket #53 - controllers and helpers should now be loadable from modules, and if a full path (including RAILS_ROOT/ENGINES_ROOT) is given, it should be safely stripped from the require filename such that corresponding files can be located in any active engines. In other words, controller/helper overloading should now completely work, even if the controllers/helpers are in modules.
* Added (finally) patch from Ticket #22 - ActionMailer helpers should now load
* Removed support for Engines.start :engine, :engine_name => 'whatever'. It was pointless.
* Fixed engine name referencing; engine_stylesheet/engine_javascript can now happily use shorthand engine names (i.e. :test == :test_engine) (Ticket #45)
* Fixed minor documentation error ('Engine.start' ==> 'Engines.start') (Ticket #57)
* Fixed double inclusion of RAILS_ROOT in engine_migrate rake task (Ticket #61)
* Added ability to force config values even if given as a hash (Ticket #62)
= 1.0.5
* Fixed bug stopping fixtures from loading with PostgreSQL
= 1.0.4
* Another attempt at loading controllers within modules (Ticket #56)
= 1.0.3
* Fixed serious dependency bug stopping controllers being loaded (Ticket #56)
= 1.0.2
* Fixed bug with overloading controllers in modules from /app directory
* Fixed exception thrown when public files couldn't be created; exception is now logged (Ticket #52)
* Fixed problem with generated test_helper.rb file via File.expand_path (Ticket #50)
= 1.0.1
* Added engine generator for creation of new engines
* Fixed 'Engine' typo in README
* Fixed bug in fixtures extensions
* Fixed /lib path management bug
* Added method to determine public directory location from Engine object
* Fixed bug in the error message in get_engine_dir()
* Added proper component loading
* Added preliminary tests for the config() methods module
= pre-v170
* Fixed copyright notices to point to DHH, rather than me.
* Moved extension require statements into lib/engines.rb, so the will be loaded if another module/file calls require 'engines
* Added a CHANGELOG file (this file)