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Vanilla in Ruby
Ruby CSS

Remove comment in Vanilla::Request

Hopefully it wasn't too unclear that I really do like terse functional programming.
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--~::{ Vanilla.rb }::~---

    A wandering soul; a repo clone'd -
    his meta_klass and methods honed.
    But tarry he 'ponst what dark endeavour
    with code of such unknowable terror?

                              - H.P. Gemcraft, 1914

A Preface; A Warning

The base flavour. The classic ice cream. Except riddled through with blood-red gemstones - Ruby gemstones.
This mad gelato will break your teeth.

... and run the freakiest wiki-wonki-wiki-wonki-wiki-wonki-wickedy-wiki you've ever seen. 

But you must not fear: fear is the mind-killer; fear is the little death that brings total oblivion; 
fear is the chilling terror that makes you believe that *everything* is better when Model lays with 
Controller and View in peace.

Vanilla.rb cries "HERESY!" upon that layered orgy of filth. Vanilla.rb says "EMBRACE CHAOS!". Vanilla.rb
says "EVERY SNIP FOR THEMSELVES!". Vanilla.rb waits quietly, in the dark corners.

Use at your own risk; really. I showed it to a cat, and the cat started talking in French. 
It was MESSED. UP.

Thee Darke Invocation

$ gem install vanilla

$ vanilla my_app_name

... a bunch of stuff gets created

$ cd my_app_name
$ rackup

... the wonki starts. THE PAIN BEGINS. 

(Try going to http://localhost:9292/vanilla-rb-tutorial to salve the chafing.)

Working with Vanilla

Currently unknowable; soon I hope to compile such a nercronomicon as to allow mortal kind to
conjure up Snips and Dynasnips and Renderers...

For the moment, see
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