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Django Dumbo

django-dumbo provides management commands for dumping and loading your project database and media files. It comes with spatial database support. It works with postgreSQL.

Usage Example

Dump Data

The dump command creates a site_data folder with an SQL dump and backup of your project media files.

The folder must be created prior to dumping data

mkdir ../../sitedata/
./ dumbo_dump_data --path=../../sitedata/

Load Data

The load command finds the database dump in the given folder. It loads the SQL dump and restores your project media files.

./ dumbo_load_data --path=../../sitedata/

Default data folder

If no path is provided, the commands will use a default folder to backup and restore data. The default folder is configurable in settings.

./ dumbo_dumpdata
./ dumbo_load_data


Install the package using something like pip and add dumbo to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.


Data folder

The folder to use when backing-up and restoring data:

DUMBO_DATA_DIR = '../../sitedata/'

Rsync options

You can customize the rsync options with this setting:

DUMBO_RSYNC_OPTIONS = '--recursive --links --times --omit-dir-times --verbose --delete --exclude=.svn'

PostgreSQL command options

You can customize the pg_dump pg_restore options with these setting:

DUMBO_PG_DUMP_OPTIONS = '--no-owner --no-privileges --format=c',


For instance, here is how you could exclude the Django session table. You will have to run syncdb to recreate it after loading the data.

DUMBO_PG_DUMP_OPTIONS = '--no-owner --no-privileges --exclude-table=django_session --format=c'

You can also customize the options for the createdb command.


Spatial database

If spatial database is enabled, the PostGIS extension will be created.


In addition to creating PostGIS extension, some tables permissions will be altered. You can configure the list of tales:

DUMBO_POSTGIS_TABLES = ('spatial_ref_sys', 'geometry_columns', 'geography_columns')

Sensitive keywords in database name

You can raise a warning message and prompt the user for authorisation when a given keywords is found in the database name.

DUMBO_SENSITIVE_KEYWORDS = ['staging', 'live']