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Keep organize your code!

Keep helps collaboration on Git hosts by setting upstream automatically.

Keep downloads any source code into your $KEEPPATH.

It's inspired by $GOPATH. And you can also set $KEEPPATH to $GOPATH/src.

Setup Environment

Keep needs an environment that is independant of host.

KEEPPATH # where Keep will use as root for it's cloned repositories.

If $KEEPPATH is not set, $HOME/src will be used by default.

Keep also needs to be set host specific Environments.


If you download a github repo, do following. (Replace org and repo)

$ keep

If you want to fork and download the forked repo instead, do following.

$ keep -fork

Note that the only supported host is Github by now.



You need to set these environment variables to create fork or access private repo.

KEEP_GITHUB_USER # your github id
KEEP_GITHUB_AUTH # your github authentication token

Create an Authentication token

Login into your account.

Goto Setting > Developer Settings > Personal access token

Select Generate new token. Turn on the repo checkbox. When you generate the token, you should see your token value.

Save it in your KEEP_GITHUB_AUTH environment variable.

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