Deploy a docker based charm directly from a dockerfile github repository (this is a template/scaffolding charm - WIP)
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Dockerfile Charm

Deploy a repository containing a dockerfile with the docker-build-hook charm.

This charm predicates a repository containing potentially 3 files

  • A Dockerfile
    • A typical Dockerfile + any supporting files to create the container
  • A build script
    • Any script, bash / python / etc to build the docker container
  • A Start Script
    • Called at the end of the build script, or via provided by the docker-build-hook charm.


You want to build the container on the host. not suitable for production

If you wish to build in paralell with your running container - use the script.

This charm is intended to be deployed to the singluar Docker host you wish to run/build the container. If you have multiple docker-hosts, this can be achieved by simply targeting the hosts.

juju deploy dockerfile --to 1
juju add-unit dockerfile --to 3

assuming hosts 1, and 3 are Docker infrastructure charms.

Once the dockerfile charm is deployed, and configuration is set - simply add the relationship to the docker-build-hook charm over the project relationship.

!NOTE! You must have the Build script in the repository BEFORE deploying the charm and relating to the docker-build-hook service. The builds will consistently fail otherwise.


juju deploy trusty/docker
juju deploy cs:~lazypower/trusty/dockerfile --to 1
juju deploy cs:~lazypower/trusty/docker-build-hook
juju add-relation docker-build-hook:project dockerfile:project


Several, experiment and file bugs please!