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Use spack module loads command in README

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@@ -55,11 +55,15 @@ spack install lazyten
Once this has happened you can add all relevant environment variables
(`LD_LIBRARY_PATH`, `PATH`, `CPATH`, ...) to the current shell
via the command
via the commands
spack load lazyten
spack module loads -r lazyten > /tmp/lazyten.modules
. /tmp/lazyten.modules
and are thereafter ready to go for linking `lazyten` to your project.
which will generate a list of all spack modules `lazyten` needs
and loades them thereafter.
Running the above two lines of code gets you ready for
linking `lazyten` to your project.
Other than that Spack makes it very easy to customise the installation, too.
For example to influence which features of `lazyten` are to be built,

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