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ldt lua execution environment for cocos2d-x
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How to use?

  1. compile the main.go using golang, and put the executable file main to this directory.

  2. you should fix some problem in cocos2dx/tools/tolua++/*.pkg.

    As I know, there are such problems:

    2.1 const charxxxx - no seperator in `const chartype and argument name, likeconst char*abc`

    2.2 multi line function definition - just for simplisity, no implmentation for this, you should fix the pkg file, grep -E "\([^\)]*$" * could help you

    2.3 constructor/destructor - remove these things

  3. open and modify the pkg_root params to your directory

  4. ./ you will get

For conveniece

If you want cocos2dx-2.2.1, just use the packed

  1. changelog

upgrade to ldt1.2M1, use extends to support inheritance.

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